XXL lotion

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XXL lotion

39.90 29.90

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100% naturalThe xxl lotion is a natural product with active ingredients that can change the size of your penis, restore your self esteem in bed and enjoy sexual intercourse.

There is a large percentage of men in the world, who are concerned about the size of their penis. Do not be one of them! Using XXL GEL to increase your penis size, will fix your problems. Due to its active ingredients, lotion increases blood flow to the penis, maintaining blood circulation and the result is enlargement. It is clinically tested.


Apply a small amount of lotion daily to penis, except for the glans , and message gently. You make a gently massage for 15 minutes twice a day morning-evening.

Made in Europe

The herbal penis enlargement formula helps you :

  • Increasing the size of the penis
  • Boost your sexual performance and the sensitivity of your penis
  • Your erection lasts longer
  • Gives you a last and strong erection
  • Gives you a move intense orgasm
  • Boost your sexual desire, strength , pleasure and performance

Each ingredient has been proved to enhance the penis and improves sexual performance

With revolutionary medical technology research we found a solution to the sexual problems of many men, including erectile dysfunction and small penile.


Increasing the size

Boost erection and pleasure

Visible results

Special formula for rapid action

Maximum irritation

Maximum pleasure

Maximum stimulation and rapid action

Long-lasting pleasure

Unique sensation

100% natural

Special herbal formula with 15 natural ingredients


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